Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poway's Lent of Nineveh 09- Bautha

For the first time in the history of our mission we have celebrated the Lent of Nineveh, know in Chaldean Language as BAUTHA.
We where unable to celebrate all the 3 days, but we celebrate the last day only, the Wednesday of Bautha.
We had just few people coming that day, to worship and thank God for all his benefits toward Us.
on that day we had Fr. Attisha, 1st Chaldean-Dominican priest to hear confessions on that day. He is here in San Diego to celebrate his 80Th Birthday!! Wow Congratulations..
After the Prayer & the mass who lasted 3.00 hours!!! we where invited over shamasha Edward's house (althogh he was in Washinton DC) for dinner, it was really a nie one with the choir and everyone...

Monday, February 09, 2009

1st Lecture in Poway - Being a Christian Today?!

On Sunday Jan 25, 2009
After celebrating the liturgical Mass in Poway, we headed to the Church Hall where we had a Lecture about "Being a christian Today, What does that mean?" After one hour, we had mutual dinner together with the families of North County, then we had almost another hour encounter, an open discussion with the faithful of Poway, to find a solution for our Mission, finding a building or a house to start our activities... we spread the word, and we will wait for the cultivation...
here are some pictures from the event!!